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Learning - Webinars, Modules, and Classroom Videos

Ongoing Professional Learning is a Necessity for Educators

making thinking visibleThis page includes several resources for individual or group learning related to the Wisconsin Standards for Science (WSS). Many resources are labeled for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and are also relevant for our WSS. Resources include: 

  • Learning modules - guided learning supports, including Wisconsin-created "Train-the-Trainer" modules
  • Webinars - a range of information about the WSS and NGSS, including how the WSS and NGSS are different and an overview of the WSS
  • Classroom videos - while hard to find, there are some initial videos highlighting NGSS/WSS-connected instruction

Learning Modules

  • WSS Train-the-Trainer Modules - link to a Google folder containing slides, facilitator guides, and participant note pages for five modules: 1) Vision and Overview, 2) 3D Lessons, 3) Assessment, 4) Strategic Planning, and 5) Doing 3D Science.
    • *Thanks to CESA leadership and the following individuals for their work on these modules: Darcy Budnik (CESA 1), Jen Breezee (CESA 1), Fayme Evenson (CESA 4), Amy Jonas (CESA 5/MMSD), Ellen Mihm (CESA 10), Thersea Burzynski (Tomahawk), Laura Cerletty, Cathy Drago (Hamilton), Chris Pratt (Kenosha), and Patti Schaefer (MMSD). 
  • California Academy of Sciences - Understanding NGSS modules - includes facilitators guides and has overviews of the structure, practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts.
  • Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) - free MOOCs on NGSS assessment


Standards Webinar Image  Introduction to the Wisconsin Standards for Science - recording of webinar from Oct. 12, 2018 (download to view - large file). Slides from the webinar  (notes provide the transcript). 

Webinar NGSS v WSS Image  Short video describing the differences between the NGSS and WSS - You can also download the PowerPoint slides from this video here in .pptx format w/ the notes, or here as a pdf.

Classroom videos

video camera
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