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Learning - Webinars, Modules, and Classroom Videos

Ongoing Professional Learning is a Necessity for Educators

making thinking visibleResources for individual or group learning related to the Wisconsin Standards for Science (WSS) - many resources are labeled for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and are also relevant for our WSS: 

  • Learning modules - guided learning supports, including Wisconsin-created "Train-the-Trainer" modules
  • Webinars - a range of information about the WSS and NGSS, including how the WSS and NGSS are different and an overview of the WSS
  • Classroom videos - while hard to find, there are some initial videos highlighting NGSS/WSS-connected instruction

Learning Modules

  • WSS Train-the-Trainer Modules - link to a Google folder containing slides, facilitator guides, and participant note pages for five modules: 1) Vision and Overview, 2) 3D Lessons, 3) Assessment, 4) Strategic Planning, and 5) Doing 3D Science.
    • *Thanks to CESA leadership and the following individuals for their work on these modules: Darcy Budnik (CESA 1), Jen Breezee (CESA 1), Fayme Evenson (CESA 4), Amy Jonas (CESA 5/MMSD), Ellen Mihm (CESA 10), Thersea Burzynski (Tomahawk), Laura Cerletty, Cathy Drago (Hamilton), Chris Pratt (Kenosha), and Patti Schaefer (MMSD). 
  • California Academy of Sciences - Understanding NGSS modules - includes facilitators guides and has overviews of the structure, practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts.
  • Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) - free MOOCs on NGSS assessment


Standards Webinar Image  Introduction to the Wisconsin Standards for Science - recording of webinar from Oct. 12, 2018 (download to view - large file). Slides from the webinar  (notes provide the transcript). 

Webinar NGSS v WSS Image  Short video describing the differences between the NGSS and WSS - You can also download the PowerPoint slides from this video here in .pptx format w/ the notes, or here as a pdf.

Classroom videos

video camera
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