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Green and Healthy Schools

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Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin connects, cultivates, and celebrates schools for nurturing healthy kids and sustainable communities. Public and private PK*-12 schools report achievements through an annual survey each fall and receive recognition as a Sprout, Seedling, Sapling, or a Sugar Maple School based on cumulative results. Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin is administered by the Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources and Public Instruction and supported by partners across the state.

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Annual Survey Period Open!

Green & Healthy Schools annual recognition survey period now open through October 31!


Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin recognizes achievement toward three goals:

  1.  Reducing environmental impacts and costs,
  2.  Improving health and wellness, and
  3. Increasing environmental and sustainability literacy. 

Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin is the gateway to U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools. To find out how your school can be involved, visit

*Early Learning Institutions that provide a formal 3-, 4-, or 5-year-old kindergarten program are eligible for Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin recognition.


For questions about this information, contact Victoria Rydberg-Nania (608) 266-0419