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Understanding EdReports ELA Reviews

EdReports reviews instructional materials both for English language arts comprehensive programs and for supplementary foundational reading skills programs. This webinar published for Wisconsin in February 2020 explains the differences between these two types of reviews. By watching the webinar, you will accomplish the following objectives:

  • Learn about the EdReports review process and how materials are selected for review.
  • Understand similarities and differences between comprehensive ELA program reviews and the newer foundational reading skills program reviews.
  • Be able to use the different EdReports tools and resources to select high-quality, standards-aligned ELA instructional materials.

Find the webinar here.

Find a copy of the webinar slides (PDF) here.

To see the detailed ELA program reviews, visit the EdReports site:

To make a plan for effectively implementing instructional materials, please visit the Instruction Partners Curriculum Support Guide: