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Professional Learning


Professional Learning for Implementation

Curriculum Support Guide - For high quality, standards-aligned instructional materials to be most effective, educators need on-going, job-embedded professional learning and supports (Taylor et al., 2015).  These resources provide a structure for planning implementation of your high-quality instructional materials easier and more impactful.

 Recent Workshops


Teachers deserve great instructional materials that inspire student learning. Great materials can help save time, freeing teachers to focus their creativity and skill on connecting with students and meeting their needs.

A free, full-day workshop was offered on November 9, 2018, at local CESAs, for school-based teams to:

  • Explore how quality instructional materials can increase equity
  • Learn how to vet instructional materials for quality through existing tools
  • Share your views about materials selection and professional learning
  • Understand research that supports connections among standards-aligned instructional materials, professional learning, and student achievement

The primary focus of this workshop was English Language Arts and Mathematics.

For more information go to Quality Instructional Materials: Unlocking Teacher Creativity and Increasing Equity or watch the videos here.