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Legislative and Policy Outreach

Legislative and Policy Outreach Team

Welcome to the Legislative and Policy Outreach Team home page.

What We Do

The team oversees federal and state relations, administrative rule development, stakeholder outreach, and agency guidance processes.  We are responsible for the submission of statutorily required reports, administrative rule promulgation, processes surrounding public comment on agency documents; communication of the agency's position on federal rules, federal legislation, state legislation, and state policy related to schools, libraries, and the department; legislative and policy analyses; and federal and state grant support.

Team Members

Jennifer Kammerud
Senior Policy Advisor
Director, Legislative and Policy Outreach Team
(608) 266-7073

Carl Bryan
Administrative Rules Coordinator
(608) 266-3275

Grant Huber
Legislative Liaison

Dee Pettack
Policy Initiatives Advisor
(608) 267-1063