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Cross Divisional Team

Cross-Divisional Team

One of the components of the Advancing Rural Wisconsin initiative is the creation of a cross-divisional team within the department of public instruction. Each of the agency's divisions has a member on the team as well as representation by the Office of State Superintendent Evers.

The formation of this team is a starting point to building strong and cohesive efforts across the agency that will improve awareness of the conditions and the challenges facing rural schools, libraries and communities. This team is expected to provide active and forward-looking leadership and advocacy to a whole host of educational, economic and public policy issues that are addressed throughout the agency. Accordingly, this team has been asked to represent rural interests within the department and to help our teams and divisions to accomplish that same objective.

As new programs are developed throughout the agency, this team will examine how it will impact rural communities and their schools and libraries. Additionally, the team will promote rural awareness throughout the agency, making sure that there is a level playing field for our rural partners.

The team has regular meetings and reports its activities to the state superintendent.