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Presentations & Tutorials


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Each year the School Financial Services (SFS) team members provides a variety educational documents to assist school staff, auditors and member of the general public to better understand how schools are financially support in Wisconsin.

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Auditor Presentations

PowerPoint presentations from the WICPA auditor conferences and other DPI sessions.

School Financial Service Team Presentations

PowerPoint presentations and related documents developed to serve the end-users of the SFS website. In March of each year the SFS presents its own "Spring Financial Workshop". The SFS team members are frequent presenters to the following organizations:

  • WASB - Wisconsin Association of School Boards;
  • WASDA - Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators; and
  • WASBO - Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials

On occasions team member will give a presentation to other educational organizations the schedule allows. 

Tutorials (under re-development)

Written and produced by the Finance Team, this page provides links to different tutorials that provide basic information and instruction about various topics. Each tutorial is less than six minutes in length and special software is not needed to play them.

Wisconsin School Finance System

Wisconsin has 368 K-12 public school districts, 44 elementary (K-8) districts and 10 union high school (9-12) districts, for a total of 422 school districts. All are fiscally independent; that is, they do not depend on other local units of government such as counties or municipalities for their local tax revenue. Each district has taxing authority.

In addition, 12 cooperative educational service agencies (CESAs)--which are fiscally dependent on school districts--provide programs and services to local districts. Five counties operate county children with disabilities education boards (CCDEBs) of which one is fiscally dependent and four are fiscally independent.

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