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Independent (2r or 2x) Charter Schools

What is an Independent Charter School?

Independent charter schools, sometimes referred to as 2r or 2x charter schools, are charter schools that are not authorized by a public school district. Each of the  following have authority to authorize a charter school in Wisconsin:

The common council of the city of Milwaukee
The chancellor of any institution in the University of Wisconsin System
Each technical college district board
Waukesha County Executive
College of Menominee Nation
Lac Courte Orielles Ojibwa Community College
UW- System Office of Educational Opportunity 

The terms "2r" or "2x" refer to the section of the charter school law within s. 118.40 that grants these entities authority to authorize charter schools.  All independent charter schools are considered non-instrumentality schools since since the employees of the school are not employed by any school district but are instead employed by the operating organization of the charter school.  

For more in-depth information on independent charter schools see: Wisconsin Legislature Chapter 118.40 quick reference or Wis. Stats. Chapter 118.40(2r) and (2x).

Authorizer Requirements: 

All independent authorizers shall notify the state superintendent of their intention to establish a charter school by February 1 of the school year preceding the opening of the charter school. State law prohibits independent authorizers from authorizing a virtual charter school.  Independent authorizers and limits, if any, on school location and pupil residency are listed below:

Charter Authorizer
School Location Pupil Residency
Number of
Charter Schools
City of Milwaukee (2r) Statewide Statewide Unlimited
The chancellor of any institution in the UW System (2r) Statewide Statewide Unlimited
Each technical college district board (2r) Statewide Statewide Unlimited
Waukesha County Executive (2r) Waukesha County Statewide Unlimited
College of Menominee Nation (2r) Statewide Statewide No more than 6 schools between these two authorizers
Lac Courte Orielles Ojibwa Community College (2r) Statewide Statewide
Office of Educational Opportunity (UW System) (2x) Statewide Statewide Unlimited

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