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What Was the Wisconsin School Performance Report?

What was the Wisconsin School Performance Report?

Wisconsin School Performance Report (SPR) was created in 1991 with the passage of State Statute 115.38. It served as the state's annual public school report card, and represented what at the time was the department's most comprehensive resource for data on school performance and student achievement. School Performance Report law pre-dates the School and School District Accountability Report Card Law, the School and School District Report Cards, as well as the WISEdash Public Portal. These have replaced the SPR reporting requirement. Also the DPI no longer has any federal reporting requirements for topics in the SPR data collection. For these reasons DPI ceased the data collection specifically dedicated to SPR, and primarily utilizes the WISEdata student data collection to fulfil state and federal reporting requirements.

Information in the School Performance Report came from three sources:

  • All of Wisconsin's public school districts and its two state schools (Wisconsin School for the Deaf and Wisconsin School for the Visually Handicapped)

  • Private firms that administered assessments to Wisconsin's students (ACT, AP, etc.)

  • DPI data collections other than SPR (PI- 1505 Annual Report, PI-1202 Fall Staff Report, and PI-1215 Curriculum Report) (NOTE: The PI-1202 has been replaced by WISEstaff, and the PI-1215 has been replaced by WISEdata Roster.)

The contents of the School Performance Report were organized into two broad categories: Student Performance Indicators and Opportunity-to-Learn Indicators.

Student Performance Indicators gave readers a look at eight different measures of achievement:

  • Advanced Placement Test

  • American College Test (ACT)

  • Graduation Statistics

  • Knowledge & Concepts Examinations (grades four, eight and ten)

  • Postgraduation Intentions

Opportunity-to-Learn Indicators offered insight into the classes and experiences available to public school pupils. This section was divided into a District Profile and a Student Profile.

The District Profile included:

  • Advanced Coursework

  • General Fund Expenditures

  • General Fund Revenues

  • High School Graduation Requirements

  • Pupil/Staff Ratios

The Student Profile included:

  • Attendance

  • Dropouts

  • Expulsion

  • Extra/Co-Curricular Activities

  • Habitual Truancy

  • Retention

  • School-Sponsored Community Activities

  • Suspension (Out-of-School)


Data files for most SPR topics are available from the WISEdash Data Files By Topic page.


updated 4/10/2020


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