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Wisconsin School Performance Report (SPR)

*****NOTICE TO SCHOOL DISTRICTS - May 31, 2019*****

After a thorough analysis, starting with the 2017-18 school year, DPI will no longer need districts to complete the School Performance Report (SPR) data collection (habitual truancy, extra- and co-curricular activities, post-graduation intentions, and school-sponsored community activities).

The SPR data collection was a burden on districts and required additional, and often redundant, reporting. A primary goal of WISEdata is to eliminate and streamline data reporting activities wherever possible. Several WISEdata collection and reporting activities afford an opportunity to meet SPR reporting purposes.

· Habitual Truancy: Chronic Absenteeism is used in district and school report cards. The data are collected at the student level and are more useful for analysis and reporting than the summary habitual truancy collection. Habitual Truancy definitions are not standardized across the state due to local absenteeism policies, making district to district comparisons difficult. Absenteeism data are reported in WISEdash for Districts 2.0 under the Early Warning > Absenteeism dashboard. More information can be found at the Absenteeism About the Data page.

· Post-graduation Intentions: Postsecondary Enrollment data are licensed statewide by DPI from the National Student Clearinghouse. These data provide a wealth of information, and are a more consistent indicator than a graduate intentions survey since it is actual enrollment data. These data are reported in WISEdash for Districts 2.0 under Topics > Graduation > Postsecondary. More information can be found at the Postsecondary Enrollment About the Data page.

· Activities Data: DPI is completing analysis on a request to add extra- and co-curricular data to WISEdash. Our goal is to use WISEdata to collect these data in the near future, and comes in response to requests from districts around a more comprehensive profile of student activities and outcomes. While this collection moves to an implementation stage, we encourage districts to continue to collect and use the extra- and co-curricular data locally and submit their extra- and co-curricular data to DPI via the reports available from your local student information system (SIS). Reports can be submitted to .

The School Performance Report Law was established in 1991 and pre-dates the School and School District Accountability Report Card Law. The School and School District Report Cards, as well as the WISEdash Public Portal, have replaced the SPR law reporting requirement. As it relates to federal reporting requirements, DPI no longer has any federal reporting requirements for any topics remaining in the SPR data collection.

DPI hopes districts find the retirement of the SPR data collection a welcome change and time savings. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have by opening a help ticket--



Welcome to the School Performance Report (SPR) homepage. The SPR encompasses a wealth of information on school and district performance, and student achievement.

The School District Performance Report allows you to compare a district to other school districts in the same athletic conference with just one click.



If you are unfamiliar with the SPR, or would like to know more about its contents, please read the following: What is the Wisconsin School Performance Report?

Use the District and School Report Cards Home to find detailed information on district and school achievement.

Use WISEdash to find information for particular public schools.

Changes to the School Performance Report over Time


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The information collected is the same as in past years—habitual truancy, extra/co-curricular activities, school sponsored community activities and post graduation intentions. An updated “Data Definitions and Directions” document is available below.    
Beginning in 2013, we introduced a new application for sending SPR data to DPI, accessible through Secure Home via a WAMS ID and password.  There are no longer passwords issued to access SPR.  Instead, users and roles are managed through Application Security Manager, the same way WISEdash, School Directory and many other secure tools are accessed.  There are roles available for personnel to edit data, or to view data only.  Any district personnel accessing SPR will need a WAMS ID, and must be assigned SPR access by their District Security Administrator (DSA).  To obtain a WAMS ID please visit  and click the Self Registration link.  DSA’s can add SPR access in the same way as WISEdash, SAFE and DPI’s other secure applications.  
For assistance with SPR, or for questions about WAMS or Secure Home, please submit a ticket to the DPI Online Helpdesk:  This will ensure that your issue is routed to the person best able to help you.   

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Districts!  Do you have comments about the SPR collection or application, or suggestions for improvements?  Please use our feedback forum!  Your input is always appreciated.



Please use the School Financial Services web site to access the most up-to-date finance data in your work. Finance data is subject to revision. The cost and revenue data on the SPR web site is "point in time" as of a certain date.


More current data files for most SPR topics are available from the WISEdash Data Files By Topic page. 


updated 5/31/2019


For questions about this information, please open a help ticket.