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WI Teacher of the Year Council

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The purpose of the Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Council (WTOYC) is to provide strong two-way communication and collaboration between the Department of Public Instruction and educators in the field, benefiting both the Department and the field through shared learning, advocacy, and leadership opportunities. The WTOYC also has the goal of being an inspirational organization, working to use member expertise and efforts to elevate the field of public education for all students, teachers, administrators, families and communities.

Members are appointed while they are teachers, but may remain active members if they are no longer teaching so long as they are actively working in an educational role within a school district or in a role directly supporting public education outside of a school district. This includes roles such as: teachers, instructional coaches, effectiveness coaches, central office and/or building administrators, and CESA consultants.

Members are appointed and guaranteed a role on the Council for a 5-year term upon their selection as a current year Wisconsin Teacher of the Year (TOY). Members may extend their service beyond their term of appointment when there is room available on the Council.

Current WTOYC Council Members

Sarahi Monterrey
2018-19 High School

Maggie McHugh
2018-19 Middle/Jr High

Mary Ellen Kanthack*
2017-18 Elementary

Brent Zinkel
2017-18 High School

Pamela Gresser
2016-17 Elementary

Roger King
2015-16 High School

Anne Hasse
2013-14 Elementary

Amy Traynor
2012-13 Middle/Jr High

* = WTOYC Co-Coordinator

Benjamin Grignon
2018-19 High School

Michael Wilson
2018-19 Special Services

Matthew Miller
2017-18 Special Services

Sarah Breckley
2016-17 High School

Barb VanDoorn
2016-17 Special Services

Diana Callope
2014-15 Middle/Jr High

Jane McMahon
2013-14 Middle/Jr High

Sandra Kowalczyk
2008-09 Middle/Jr High


Elizabeth Gulden
2018-19 Elementary

Jill Runde
2017-18 Middle/Jr High

Chris Gleason
2016-17 Middle/Jr High

Andrea Pasqualucci
2014-15 Special Services

Rick Erickson
2013-14 High School

Leah Lechleiter-Luke
2009-10 High School

Beth Oswald
2007-08 Middle/Jr High

Rachel Rydzewski
2009-10 Middle/Jr High

Terry Kaldhusdal
2006-07 Elementary


Wisconsin Chapter of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year 

Any teacher who was chosen as a WI Teacher of the Year may join the Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Network (WTOYN).  This is a chapter of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY). The WTOYN provides the opportunity for Teachers of the Year to collaborate to meet the vision of the Network: "to open doors and build bridges so that practice, policy, and leadership all focus on what is best for children."  For more information, see their webpresence:  WTOYN Facebook page