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2023 Student Chef Competition

For the eleventh consecutive year, student teams across the state worked together to develop and cook nutritious recipes that could easily be incorporated into the school food service program and at home. The 2023 Whipping up Wellness, Student Chef Competition allowed creative student teams of three to five middle and high school students to gain hands-on cooking experience and the knowledge and skills to prepare healthy meals. All recipes had to include one of six specified Wisconsin agricultural products. The competition consisted of a recipe contest and a cooking competition. The top five teams from the recipe contest were invited to participate in the cooking competition at Madison College on May 18, 2023. The teams invited to the cooking competition were:
  • Guajillo Amigos, St. Mary's Catholic School, Waukesha Catholic School System
  • Hornets Hive Kitchen, Markesan High School, Markesan School District
  • Omro Foxes, Omro High School, Omro School District
  • Senioritis, Grafton High School, Grafton School District
  • Wrap Masters, Plymouth High School, Plymouth School District

Judges scored the final dishes on taste, appearance, originality, student appeal, and the team's overall presentation. After two hours of cooking and the presentation of five delicious dishes, the Omro Foxes of Omro High School were declared the winners. Congratulations to all the participants!