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Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin


New! Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin Lessons

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Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin: Connecting Nutrition Education and Wisconsin Foods is a curriculum guide to broaden the food experiences of Wisconsin students and provide another aspect to learning nutrition as part of the study of our great state.

These lessons were originally published in 2011 but have been extensively edited and updated to better meet the needs of today’s educators and students. The revised lessons, which do not require funding and are intended for third through fifth grade students, can be used as a series or as standalone lessons. The lessons connect Wisconsin foods to the state’s history, culture, and people.

Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin Toolkit

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The Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin Toolkit provides information for school nutrition professionals to implement a Wisconsin Harvest of the Month program at their school. The toolkit contains recipes featuring Wisconsin agricultural products, information on local procurement, promotional materials, and education resources. The Wisconsin Harvest of the Month program is intended to help schools with starting or growing their farm to school program. For additional information and resources, visit UW Extension's Harvest of the Month Website

Nutritious, Delicious, Wisconsin Toolkit