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Wisconsin Team Nutrition Training Grants

Wisconsin 2019 Team Nutrition Training Grant

The focus of the 2019 Wisconsin Team Nutrition Training Grant for Innovative State Training Programs is to improve school nutrition professionals’ knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy related to school meal programs through the expansion of the Goal Oriented Achievement Learning Skills (GOALS) Training Certification Program. The GOALS training program provides school nutrition professionals with opportunities to meet U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) professional standards objectives, receive knowledge and skills specific to their job description, and provide recognition to school nutrition professionals that demonstrate competency. The School Nutrition Team will be offering trainings for school nutrition professionals on topics related to program basics, financial and human resource management, health and safety, and quality meal improvement.

Wisconsin 2021 Team Nutrition Training Grant

The focus of the 2021 Wisconsin Team Nutrition Training Grant is to build state capacity and sustainable infrastructure to develop, standardize, prepare, test, and menu recipes for the school meal programs that feature Wisconsin agricultural products including apples, broccoli, carrots, dairy, potatoes, and winter squash. Wisconsin Team Nutrition will engage students and the school community in the process of developing the recipes through the annual Whipping Up Wellness, Wisconsin Student Chef Competition. AmeriCorps Farm to School sites will conduct recipe taste tests and serve the recipes as part of a school meal. Additionally, educational and promotional materials will be developed for the Wisconsin agricultural products.