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Keeping Kids Safe Online Month - October

This year's observance of Keeping Kids Safe Online Month in Wisconsin reminds us to remain steadfast in our pursuit to engage in the use of digital tools without sacrificing their safety and security. The past year's experiences of schools, families, and communities have been profoundly influenced by an augmented utilization of technology within and beyond educational settings. This year, our focus will be directed towards cultivating secure and healthful online practices, and how these practices interconnect with fostering positive social and emotional well-being.

Collaboratively, the Department of Public Instruction and the Department of Justice will furnish valuable resources to aid schools and families. We will once again bring attention to a variety of resources that center on promoting safety and well-being in the digital sphere while navigating the intricacies of digital platforms and environments. Our efforts will also encompass sharing insights on proactive and reactive measures, as well as showcasing methods to effectively harness the available human and material resources within and outside educational institutions.

Our engagement with schools and families will persist through the provision of interactive learning modules, available in both English and Spanish. These modules facilitate meaningful conversations and the formulation of family-oriented media strategies, delineating what is deemed appropriate and unacceptable when engaging with online tools and social media. Our emphasis lies in safeguarding personal information while also encouraging digital leadership.

The collaboration between the Wisconsin DPI and Wisconsin DOJ remains pivotal in our pursuit to continuously develop and curate resources on the Online and Internet Safety website. This comprehensive platform caters to a diverse audience, including parents, educators, administrators, and students. It offers an extensive array of resources and tools designed to assist families and schools in promoting responsible and secure creation and consumption of digital content. The inclusion of a lesson planning matrix further dissects topics into manageable components, facilitating thorough exploration and utilization of the available resources. This dynamic resource is consistently updated, delivering timely materials and insights to aid in planning and programming efforts.

The month of October presents an opportune juncture to initiate dialogues about online safety and digital leadership. Given the prevailing environment and the significance of these themes, our commitment extends beyond the confines of October. We are dedicated to ensuring that all stakeholders possess the competencies, knowledge, and tools requisite for navigating the perpetually connected digital landscape in which we reside.

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