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Keeping Kids Safe Online Month - October

October 2019 marks the third annual Keeping Kids Safe Online Month in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, in partnership with the Department of Justice (DOJ), created a website with numerous resources from a number of organizations and experts about online safety to assist with the month-long awareness campaign. We utilize October to highlight the need for safe and responsible use of digital tools and resources for schools, communities, and families.

The focus for October 2019 is on the importance of involving parents in creating awareness about healthy online behaviors. It is crucial for schools and families to talk about and model safe and healthy online practices. To help with this, the Wisconsin DPI and the Wisconsin DOJ have created an online, interactive e-course called Interact for parents and guardians and their children to work together to complete.

This e-course takes an interactive approach to open up discussions about online safety in the home through watching videos, navigating online scenarios, and completing a family media plan. Interact provides the opportunity for parents and guardians to set themselves up as a trusted adult in the child’s life.

Throughout the month of October, we will highlight many resources that help integrate safe and healthy online practices in the classroom and in the home. We continue to make connections with social and emotional learning and the ability to understand how decisions affect others, especially when using online tools and platforms.

The DPI Internet Safety page targets all stakeholders and provides several resources and tools to help families and schools support the safe and responsible use and consumption of digital resources. DPI will continue to expand the website to include district exemplary programming, sample policies, and resources for 1:1 implementation.

We focus on the importance of protecting personal information and ensuring the creation and maintenance of a healthy Digital Footprint/Tattoo as well.

Finally, there is a lesson planning matrix outlining the themes for each week of Keeping Kids Safe Online in October that breaks down the resources into more manageable pieces for discussion and integration.

With such a crucial topic in our ‘always-on’ society, the discussions and modeling shouldn’t stop in October. The lesson matrix can also be leveraged throughout the year by utilizing the weekly topics as monthly topics for integration into lesson plans.

For more information, visit the DPI Internet and Online Safety web page and the Keeping Kids Safe Online web page, and access the Interact e-course.

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October 2019 Lesson Planning Matrix

September - Leading up to ‘Keeping Kids Safe Online’ month

Understand Internet Safety

Connect Social and Emotional Learning to Digital Citizenship

Understand purpose and integration of the ITL standards across all content areas

Oct. 1-4

Introduction activities:
Digital Life/Digital Footprint/Parent Involvement/Wis. ITL standards
Oct. 7-11
Information Privacy/Security, Plagiarism, Copyrights, and Fake News
Oct. 14-18
Digital Citizenship/Cyberbullying
Oct. 21-25
Digital Relationships/Social Media/ Safe Gaming
Oct. 28-31
How do we continue past October?
Model online safety in lessons
Share a tip per week with your students/families
Invite parents to take part in “Keeping Kids Safe Online” month activities
Continued parent/guardian and child involvement
For questions about this information, contact Chad Kliefoth (608) 267-9289, Janice Mertes (608) 267-1054