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Answer Our Reader Response Question of the Month!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

We want to hear from you.

Each month, we'll be asking you, our readers, to reflect on your experiences and give us the real scoop. Share your funny anecdotes, your hard-earned wisdom, and learn and hear from others across the state!

DPI ConnectEd Reader Response Question of the Month for May:

What did you learn this year?

In Wisconsin, we endeavor to cultivate lifelong learners. While we often think about those learners as our students or library patrons. Despite the fact that we focus so much on learning, we often forget that we are also lifelong learners. Times change, and so do we. Learning helps us grow as professionals and as humans. 

Reflecting on the past school year, what stands out to you as something you learned? Maybe it was a new skill like a language or maybe it was how to put together an IKEA dresser. Maybe it was something about our school systems, or maybe about a particular student. Perhaps, though, the thing that sticks out to you upon reflection is something you learned about yourself. A resilience you didn't realize you had, a time when you chose self-care instead of grinding through something. Maybe it's gratitude. Fill out this form to submit your response.

Share with us, so we can all learn from one another. All responses are anonymous, but may be shared in a future ConnectEd reader response roundup.