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These Goats Have Jobs– They’re Not Kidding Around!

These goats are the GOAT at clearing invasive species. For a 20-day period over the next few weeks, a herd of goats will be employees of the Oregon...
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Wisconsin Teacher Brings Coping Skills Book, Curriculum to Students

A Q+A with Back Pocket author, founder Shaney Andler.  Shaney Andler is a special education teacher of 30 years, teaching in multiple classroom setti...
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Five Educators Selected 2024 Wisconsin Teachers of the Year

2024 Wisconsin Teachers of the Year (left to right): Brian Collins, Claudia Heller de Messer, Saghar Homayounpour, Rachel Kumferman, and Katelyn Wink...
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GEAR UP Initiative Honors Academic Achievement of Underrepresented Wisconsin Students

The inaugural class of GEAR UP students. Thirty-eight students from across Wisconsin are officially the first graduating cohort of the GEAR UP Risi...
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Educational Resources for Exploring Sikh Heritage in Wisconsin

Event alert: For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, join our Perspectives in Equity gathering highlighting the partnership between th...
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Oconomowoc High School Students Take Virtual Field Trip Inside the Human Heart

“This field trip really opened my eyes to the surgical world. Watching the anesthesiologist work alongside the entire surgical team was amazing. I ha...
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Teacher Appreciation Week a Chance to Make Change

Valuing Teachers Requires Investment This week, State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly wrote an impassioned guest editorial: "Appreciation is not enoug...
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Answer Our Reader Response Question of the Month!

We want to hear from you. Each month, we'll be asking you, our readers, to reflect on your experiences and give us the real scoop. Share your funny a...
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Without Health, There is No Learning: May 10, 2023 is National School Nurse Day

School nurses are front and center in making sure our students are ready to learn. Think about the last time you had a pounding headache. Or when y...

Making School in Madison a Better Place to Be: The Benedict (Benny) Batman Jones Story 

Benny is a happy guy. Just a happy happy happy guy. As told by Michael Jones, special education teacher and behavior interventionist in the Madison...