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Black History Is Wisconsin History

Tuesday, January 31, 2023


February is Black History Month, and a great opportunity to discover new stories to weave into the bright and varied tapestry of our knowledge base. While dedicated history months are important, we also affirm that Black history is our history. It’s the history of our state and our experience, and it’s integral to our students’ learning every day of the year, not just during this month.

Brush up on what you already know, or learn something new!

  1. The Wisconsin Historical Society is a great resource for Wisconsin-specific Black history materials, including a wonderful biographical section on Vel Phillips, Wisconsin’s first Black Attorney General, and Lloyd Barbee, a lawyer, state lawmaker, and civil rights activist who pushed to integrate Milwaukee Public Schools.
  2. PBS Wisconsin Education also hosts incredible Black history content from across the curriculum.
  • We loved SistaStrings, a video about two sisters from Milwaukee whose music helps them connect with their community and its history.
  • The story of Joshua Glover helps us understand what life was like on the Underground Railroad, and the true meaning of freedom.
  • Videos from the PBS documentary Making Black America Through the Grapevine, the series by renowned historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr., shines a spotlight on how Black Americans throughout history have formed networks and associations to support one another.

3. Don’t forget about the fascinating resources curated through BadgerLink, including the ability to ask a librarian to help you find a particular story or subject matter to bring Black history to life in your classroom!

We’d love to hear about the resources you’ve found, the lessons you’re teaching (and learning!) and the ways you’re incorporating Black history in your classrooms, schools, and districts. Send us your ideas, to possibly be featured in a future ConnectEd story!