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Build Education Systems that Meet the Needs of All Learners with the WI RtI Center

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

​​​​For every child to learn and be successful, school and district leadership teams must carefully and intentionally restructure their educational systems.

During the 2021-22 school year, the Wisconsin RtI Center is offering interactive, team-based professional learning opportunities to help schools and districts build educational systems that meet the needs of all learners:

Focused on implementing critical aspects of an equitable, multi-level system of supports, training provides:

  • guidance on examining adult practices

  • structures for understanding the current, local environment

  • time for planning and team discussion

  • support before and after to assist with adoption

Commitment to Change

The implementation of an equitable, multi-level system of supports requires a purposeful commitment that goes beyond attendance at training. Over time, schools and districts must continue to dedicate time and resources. Research shows it can take a minimum of three to five years of implementation at fidelity (Fixsen, et. al. 2005) to move even short-term outcomes.

Realizing Results

Persistence leads to results. Over time, schools and districts are able to measure impact on student outcomes.

  • After three years of sustaining fidelity at the universal level, 71% of schools increased their English language arts achievement score on their state report card.

  • Eighty percent of students who scored in the lowest 5% on the Forward English language arts exam improved after attending a high-implementing school for the next three years.

Next Steps

Whether your leadership team is starting, reengaging, or expanding improvement efforts through an equitable, multi-level system of supports, the Wisconsin RtI Center can help. The Wisconsin RtI Center events calendar provides training dates, and staff is available to analyze your needs and discuss possible next steps for your team.

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