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Camp Kesem: Serving Children Impacted by a Parent's Cancer

Monday, April 9, 2018

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter of Camp Kesem still has spots available for the 2018 summer camp from July 1st-7th! Camp Kesem is a unique resource for children whose parent or primary caregiver has been diagnosed with cancer, whether they are currently battling cancer, in remission, or passed away. Camp Kesem will offer its 10th annual camp in the summer of 2018, open to 256 campers from throughout the area. The camp and other services are offered free of charge, open to kids ages 6-18 who have, or have had, a parent or primary caregiver with cancer.

While offering a week-long summer camp is the flagship support system, they now also offer a variety of other services such as:

  • Kesem Warm Welcome: This service sends all kids who join the Kesem family a special little present to welcome them. They know right away that they are not alone in dealing with a parent's cancer;
  • Kesem Friends and Family Day: These are days that happen two to three times throughout the year in which they organize fun events where all counselors, Kesem families, prospective Kesem families, and community contacts can experience the Kesem magic together;
  • Kesem Special Deliveries: This service provides Kesem kids birthday cards, holiday cards, or other little items throughout the year;
  • Kesem By Your Side: This service makes counselors available to Kesem families when they need it the most. Support is provided for the loss of a loved one or the anniversary of a loved one passing to let Kesem kids know that they are supported through and beyond their parent’s cancer. Kesem families also receive a message on the anniversary of a family member going into remission to celebrate!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter of Camp Kesem is one of over 100 active Camp Kesem chapters throughout the United States, and the program is staffed by student volunteers from UW-Madison. As a national organization, Camp Kesem has over 15 years of experience bringing top quality programs that have a significant impact on children and families. The camps are designed to allow children the opportunity to find support, have fun, and feel safe, loved, and respected.

Interested in joining UW-Madison’s Camp Kesem family or know someone who could benefit from this resource? Please do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions.

You can find more information at Registration is open now at

Subscriber Submission: Written by Caitlin Randell