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Cross Team Collaboration Increases Impact of Social & Emotional Learning & Employability Skills

Tuesday, September 7, 2021
Through its progress in encouraging educators to weave together social and emotional learning competencies and College and Career Readiness skills, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has worked to highlight the importance of strong social and emotional skills, and employability skills.
Strong social and emotional skills and employability skills are essential, and employers have continually cited their importance in the workforce. Incorporating SEL and CCR skills, and integrating them into school and community settings has many benefits. Most importantly, it promotes student success and the development of college, career, and community-ready citizens. This integration of SEL and CCR skills enhances relevance for students, develops collaborative efforts among stakeholders that break down silos, and streamlines implementation efforts.
The SEL and employability crosswalk and other integration efforts by DPI provide resources that support districts in weaving these standards together and integrating them into policies, practices, and programs.
Subscriber submission: Teresa LeSage, Wisconsin DPI