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Educational Apps – New eCourse

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A new eCourse from the Department of Public Instruction helps participants gain a richer understanding of how and why apps can be used with young children, as well as which apps are most beneficial, and where to find the best ones.

Map-like menu leading from 'Village of Why' through 'Forest of How' and 'Which Mountain' to 'Bay of Where'
For its main menu, “Digital Storytime: Kids, Apps, and Libraries” took inspiration from the fun, engaging styles of good educational apps.

Though created by the DPI’s Public Library Development team, much of the “Digital Storytime: Kids, Apps, and Libraries” course will be as useful to other educators as it is to librarians.

The module can be clicked through at one’s own pace to find the most helpful resources and perspectives, for example skipping over those pieces that apply primarily to libraries.

Included are external readings, interactive assignments like “App Treasure Hunt” and “Brainstorming Parent Tips,” short video messages from Wisconsin experts, and links to outside resources – such as a rubric for evaluating apps, an app called KinderTown that compiles other good educational apps, and a parent guide to balancing screen time and other activities.

A certificate of completion is available at the end.