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National School Nurse Day

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

National School Nurse Day is on May 10th. The day serves to recognize the important role of school nurses and their work towards improving the health and well-being of Wisconsin students.

Here are a few ways that school nurses benefit our schools everyday:

  • Attendance - school nurses improve regular attendance through health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management.

  • Academics - having healthy students, who attend class regularly, contributes to higher academic performance.

  • Time - a school nurse saves principals, teachers, and administrative staff time that they would have spent addressing health concerns of students.

  • Accountability - school nurses help schools stay accountable by promoting compliance with federal and state law mandates

School nurses are instrumental in providing health and wellness resources. Our school nurses help identify and address a variety of physical, social, and emotional issues. They are an essential component in fostering a healthy and positive environment. Please take time to thank a school nurse their hard work on this special day!

For more information on National School Nurse Day, visit the National Association of School Nurses website resources.