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Paving the Road to a World-Ready Wisconsin

Monday, December 10, 2018

Members of the Wisconsin Language Roadmap Initiative Advisory Board are pleased to announce the publication of The Wisconsin Language Roadmap Report.  After conducting an assessment of Wisconsin’s current needs around multilingual communities and workforce, the board assembled a wide variety of stakeholders for the Wisconsin Language Summit to discuss and make recommendations for bolstering development and leadership for language education.

Wisconsin schools, communities, businesses and government bodies agree that Wisconsin students need to be world-ready. The recently published  Wisconsin Language Roadmap ReportWisconsin Language Roadmap Report provides a common vision and concrete action steps to build the state’s capacity for language, intercultural and global learning.

Specific recommendations in the report address three goal areas: leadership and advocacy for world language education, sustained development of language teacher talent, and equitable access to effective language education for all students.

Implementation priorities of the Wisconsin Language Roadmap project for spring of 2019 include establishing a Wisconsin Coalition to Advance Language Learning, developing a strategic plan to expand and diversify Dual Language Immersion programs, and supporting the implementation of the revised academic standards for world language learning.

Local, regional, and state level leadership and cross-sector collaborative action are required to realize the vision of the Wisconsin Language Roadmap. Preparing world-ready graduates is a shared responsibility. DPI World Languages and International Education Consultant, Pam Delfosse described the Wisconsin Language Roadmap Initiative as “a rare opportunity for community, business, education, and government leaders to agree on what is best for Wisconsin and invest in language learning for all students.”

Dr. Tony Evers, Wisconsin State Superintendent for Public Instruction, responded to Roadmap recommendations stating, “all students deserve equity in access to learning the languages of our local communities and the world. The world today is interconnected, interdependent, and fiercely competitive. The best education prepares students for college and careers within our global community. Language and cultural learning are critical components of that preparation.”

All stakeholders are encouraged to plan and collaborate with others to respond to Roadmap recommendations within their local and regional spheres of influence. Roadmap project teams will facilitate implementation priority areas for 2019.

For more information, and to access the full report, visit the Wisconsin Language Roadmap Initiative website.