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Poem About Creativity Moves Us Forward

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Wisconsin Schools Celebrate The Wisconsin Arts Board's 50th Anniversary Project

Dasha Kelly Hamilton’s poem, “Like the Wind,” opens our window to this project. The Wisconsin Arts Board commissioned Hamilton to write a piece about creativity in celebration of their 50th year of promoting and supporting arts and artists in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Schools Celebration Project starts with the reading of the poem, and spins off from there to interpret the poem through other art forms. The poem enacts the intricate dance of creativity – sometimes whispering, sometimes shoving and shattering what is not yet visible. The language is so visceral that you can feel it.

Hamilton’s poem is stunning both in its simplicity and complexity. Readers and learners have multiple levels to consider. It’s easy to think of kindergartners acting out the words with their bodies; just as easy to see high school seniors penning their own poems on the nature of creativity, inspired by the piece.

The best way to experience the poem is to experience it. To read it, to be moved by the recording of the poet not just reading but enacting the poem with her voice.

“Like the Wind” written/spoken by Dasha Kelly Hamilton

About the poet:
Dasha Kelly Hamilton was the 2020-2022 Poet Laureate for the State of Wisconsin, and former Artist of the Year and Poet Laureate for the City of Milwaukee. She is a writer, performance artist, and facilitator. Learn more about Dasha Kelly Hamilton on her website.

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Wisconsin Schools Celebrate The Wisconsin Arts Board's 50th Anniversary Project