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School Social Workers Deserve Our Respect and Support

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

March 5-11, 2023 is National School Social Work Week, an opportunity for schools, communities, and partners to spotlight the important role of our school social workers in supporting our students, families, and communities. The theme for National School Social Work Week 2023 is “We Rise.”

School Social Workers rise to share hope in difficult times.

They rise to listen to the spoken and unspoken, and to help understand and advocate.

They rise to challenge inequities, supporting all students in a way that best suits that student’s needs and strengths.

School Social Workers face challenges, heightened anxieties, and anticipated difficulties day in and day out, and respond with strength, empathy, and resilience.

They do so while navigating systems that are already stressed and in need of increased support. They muster mental health support and services, offering hope for students and families.

Show School Social Workers Your Appreciation!

  • Send them a personal note
  • Add a blurb to a newsletter
  • Have students learn more about what the school social worker does, and then create cards thanking them 

School social workers can honor the profession by becoming a member of the Wisconsin School Social Work Association.

Eligible public school districts, schools participating in the Private School Choice Programs, and independent charter schools can receive reimbursement for specific expenditures on social workers. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's website to learn more about the Aid for Mental Health Program to fill out a claim form. The deadline for reimbursement for the 2021-22 school year is March 13, 2023.

School social workers are hardworking, caring, gifted, and they are interpreters, wayfinders, and beacons. With their help and support, together we rise.

This item was submitted by Julie Incitti, School Social Work Services Consultant in the Student Services/Prevention Wellness Division of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.