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Stay Inspired With PBS Wisconsin Education Webinars

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Educators looking to stay inspired throughout the winter months are invited to join a variety of upcoming PBS Wisconsin Education webinars.

Media Literacy
Sign up for the February 2nd seminar Media Literacy: Evaluating Online Information for Grades 6-12 for a discussion about the skills needed to evaluate online information, and develop strategies to teach students how to be savvy consumers of online sources.

Participants will learn strategies to engage students in evaluating online information like fact-checking, lateral reading, identifying misinformation, and finding reliable sources. Participants will have a chance to practice fact-checking and source-analysis strategies that they can implement in their learning spaces. They’ll also receive a list of resources to implement in their classrooms.

Sustaining Classroom Communities
PreK-12 educators are invited to join PBS Wisconsin Education for aka Teacher LIVE: A Virtual Edcamp on Sustaining Classroom Communities on February 20th. Listen in as the aka Teacher podcast co-hosts share their insights on sustaining classroom communities throughout the school year during a live record episode of the podcast!

Attendees will also have the opportunity to share ideas about sustaining classroom community, learn from fellow educators, and inform future podcast episode topics during an Edcamp-style discussion facilitated by the aka Teacher co-hosts.

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