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Strong Implementation Leads to Better Results: Wisconsin Schools Tell Their Stories

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Across Wisconsin, schools implement, assess, and sustain equitable systems because every learner deserves a safe and supported, rigorous learning environment. Five schools are sharing their implementation journeys to serve as inspiration for schools looking to improve their systems so every child gets what they need every day.

  • Hillcrest — decreasing suspensions at one of the fastest rates in our state
  • Wilson Middle — disaggregating data to understand who is underserved
  • Putnam Heights — aligning practices to make sure students succeed
  • West Middleton — empowering students to believe in themselves led to growth on Forward Exam
  • Lincoln Elementary — using data to best support students led to gains in reading and mathematics

Additionally, when Wisconsin schools sustain implementation with fidelity over consecutive years, they report:

  • More students are proficient in reading as measured by the Forward ELA Exam
  • Suspensions are reduced significantly with each school year a school sustains fidelity
  • Attendance rates improve for students who were chronically absent

The Wisconsin RtI Center provides training and assistance for schools and districts implementing equitable, multi-level systems of supports to improve student outcomes — contact them for implementation support.