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Take a Virtual Field Trip To Explore Wisconsin History

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Whether or not you have field trips planned for the spring, students can take a journey to the Wisconsin State Capitol with Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case, a point-and-click game from PBS Wisconsin Education for grades 3-6.

Players practice historical inquiry, using the same skills as real historians: investigation, identification, corroboration, and contextualizing evidence. As the plot unfolds, they find primary source materials to help uncover the real stories behind mysterious artifacts from two movements in Wisconsin history.

By inviting students to be history detectives, Jo Wilder is a great way to supplement field trips to the state capitol or other historic locations. The game also provides a fun opportunity to investigate state history and engage in critical thinking without ever leaving the classroom. Jo Wilder is always free to play and comes with an educator guide with questions, game save codes, standards supported, and more.

This item was submitted by PBS Wisconsin Education.