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Open Enrollment - OPAL


                               OPAL log in button                      User authorization button for OPAL, HOMER, and TOS.


OPAL Procedures

  • Entering School Assignments Into OPAL
  • Processing Open Enrollment Exceptions
  • Withdrawing students in OPAL
  • Authorizing users for OPAL, HOMER, and TOS (Dist Admin only)

For a step-by-step tutorial of withdrawing students in OPAL or authorizing users for OPAL, HOMER and TOS, watch our videos below.

Withdrawing Students in OPAL                 Authorizing Users for OPAL,
                                                                        HOMER, and TOS



Approval/Denial Letters

Using Word Templates and OPAL Exports to Create Approval and Denial Letters

For a step-by-step tutorial of creating approval and denial letters, watch our videos below.  

Preparing Nonresident Approval             Preparing Nonresident District
& School Assignment Letters                                Denial Letters




Using OPAL – 2013-14 (Power Point Presentation)


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