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Open Enrollment Funding

Basic Open Enrollment Transfer Amount

2018-19:  $7,379 
2018-19:  $12,431 pupils with disabilities 
2019-20:  $7,771
2019-20:  $12,723 pupils with disabilities
2020-21:  $8,125
2020-21:  $12,977 pupils with disabilities 
2021-22:  $8,161
2021-22:  $13,013 pupils with disabilities
2022-23:  $8,224 
2022-23:  $13,076 pupils with disabilities 
2023-24:  $8,618
2023-24:  $13,470 pupils with disabilities
2024-25:  $8,962 (estimated)
2024-25:  $13,814 pupils with disabilities (estimated)


Open Enrollment Data and Reports (you will leave this page)



The resident school district counts the pupil in membership for state aid and revenue limit purposes.


Payment for Regular Education

For each regular education pupil, a uniform state-set amount is transferred from the resident school district to the nonresident school district in the final state aid payment each year.

For the 1998-99 to 2012-13 school years, the per pupil amount was equal to the prior year average per pupil cost for regular instruction, pupil services, instructional services and co-curricular activities. For the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years, the amount is equal to $150 more than the prior year amount. 

If a pupil is enrolled less than a full school year, the payment is prorated at a daily rate.

            Bulletin 01-11 - Open Enrollment Funding


Payment for Special Education

Starting with the 2016-17 school year, 2015 Wisconsin Act 55 has created a new transfer amount of $12,000 for open enrolled pupils with disabilities, as defined by IDEA and Wis. Stats. 115.76(5).

The Department of Public Instruction will make the aid transfer payments for all open enrolled pupils with disabilities in the same manner as open enrolled non-disabled pupils.

For information and invoicing on non-open enrollment tuition agreements, please the School Finance Team's tuition overview.  

Transfer of Service

The Transfer of Service Exemption (Wis. Stat. 121.91(4)(a)) provides that a school district which assumes responsibility for a program or service from another governmental unit may request and be granted an exemption to the district revenue limit equal to the increased cost due to that program or service. If the service transferred is for a pupil that requires Special Education or ESL services, the exemption will be reduced by the amount of special education categorical aid the district will receive the following year, as determined by DPI. If the previous governmental unit was another Wisconsin school district, that district's revenue limit may be reduced by an amount equal to their reduction in cost as a result of that transfer out.

When a pupil’s resident school district changes, it is possible that the new resident school district may be eligible for a transfer of service revenue limit exemption.

A student who will be attending your school district under the open enrollment program does not become a district resident, so this student is not eligible for a transfer of service request. See: Question #3 under part A. within the PI-5000 portal.

See:     Transfer of Service General Information and Basic Guidelines


Revenue Limit Exemption for Alternative Transfers

The alternative application procedure allows pupils to transfer at any time during a school year. In some instances, the pupil was not enrolled in the pupil’s resident school district on the third Friday in September, which is the date upon which a school district’s allowable revenue is based. To compensate for the inability to raise revenue, the resident school district is eligible for a one-time revenue limit exemption in the amount of the payment.  Some instances in which a resident school district might be eligible for an exemption are:

  • After the third Friday in September, the pupil moved into School District A from out of state or from another school district in Wisconsin and applied and transferred to School District B.
  • The pupil was attending a private school, or was home-schooled, or was not attending school at the time the pupil applied and transferred to a nonresident school district.

The amount of the open enrollment payment and revenue limit exemption is equal to the number of days the pupil is open enrolled (that is, the number of days remaining in the school year) x the daily rate (that is, the basic transfer amount divided by 180).  Thus if the pupil is open enrolled for 100 days, the amount of the open enrollment payment is 100 x ($6,335/180) = $3,519.


Summer School

An open enrolled pupil may take summer school in the nonresident school district. The nonresident school district may charge only the same fees that are charged to resident pupils. However, there is no provision in the statute to provide additional funding to nonresident school districts for open enrolled summer school pupils.



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