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About Dr. Jill Underly

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Headshot of Dr. Jill Underly

Dr. Jill Underly was elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction on April 6th, 2021. Dr. Underly has a deep background in public education, since 1999, she has worked in all facets of public education: at the college level, but also at both the state and district levels as a teacher and administrator.

With over twenty-five years of public education experience, Dr. Underly has been committed to ensuring that every child, every day, has the opportunity for a first-class public education in the State of Wisconsin.

Dr. Underly received bachelor’s degrees in history and sociology from Indiana University-Bloomington, master’s degrees from both IUPUI and UW Madison, and her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is the parent of two children, both in high school, and she lives with her family in southwestern Wisconsin.