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Councils and Committees

To find meetings for the councils and committees listed below, visit the department's government meetings page.

Council Name Presiding Officer
State Superintendent's Equity Stakeholders Council  
State Superintendent's Advisory Council on Charter Schools Chanell Crawford
State Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Rural Schools, Libraries, and Communities  
State Superintendent's Academic Standards Review Council  
State Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs Brenda Jennings
State Superintendent’s Advisory Council for Children who are Blind and Visually Impaired Dan Wenzel
State Superintendent’s Advisory Council for Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ryan Gollner
State Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council Stacy Broach
State Superintendent’s Education Data Advisory Committee Barbara Van Haren
State Superintendent’s Digital Learning Advisory Council Laura Roeker
State Superintendent’s Wisconsin Education Research Advisory Council Carl Frederick
State Superintendent’s Advisory Council on 4-year-old Kindergarten and Community Approaches Sherry Kimball
Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Council  
Professional Standards Council for Teachers Jennifer Kammerud
Special Education Advisory Council Rita Fuller
Council on Library and Network Development (COLAND) Barbara Van Haren
Council on Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children Susan Piazza
Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Advisory Committee Timothy Fandek
Jennifer Jackson
State Superintendent's SkillsUSA Advisory Council Jessa Dahmes
State Superintendent’s Statewide Global Education Council Pam Delfosse
State Superintendent’s Advisory Council to Support Linguistically Diverse Students

Amy Maciolek

Melissa Vasquez

Wisconsin Agriculture Education and Workforce Development Council Sharon Wendt
Title I Committee of Practitioners Title I Contact
Department of Public Instruction School District Boundary Appeal Board Janice Zmrazek
Wisconsin Task Force on USDA Foods Jessica Sharkus
Randy Jones