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State Superintendent Advisory Council for 4K and 4K Community Approaches

Historical Background: 

The State Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Four-Year-Old Kindergarten (4K) and 4K Community Approaches was created in 2006 and as school districts and community partners were beginning to implement 4K within various community settings, offering 4K Community Approaches as developmentally appropriate options for four year old children around the state. Until the Winter of 2020, the council provided guidance to Wisconsin's State Superintendent, to implement and strengthen community approaches and the provision of 4K services for the children of Wisconsin. This council was made up of stakeholders from the child care, Head Start, public school, and high education communities.  

The purpose of the council was to:
  1. Advise the state superintendent on new and continuing issues regarding the establishment and sustenance of four-year-old kindergarten in communities throughout the state, including community-based approaches that blend public and private funding to make 4K accessible to all children and their families.
  2. Share information, identify issues and resources, recommend policies, and respond to proposals that strengthen 4K partnerships at the state and community levels.

2020 Council Recommendations & Response: 



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