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Early Childhood Goals

  • Establish an internal communication system which would serve as a model of collaboration, networking, and public relations for the staff, teams, and organizational units within the DPI that impact early years of childhood services, birth to age eight.
  • Provide ongoing information to the field related to early childhood initiatives and establish communications systems which allow feedback and input from the early childhood field, including parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, CESAs, and public libraries, governmental and non-governmental agencies, consumer and professional associations, relevant philanthropic organizations, legislators and others in the early childhood community.
  • Build partnership with the early childhood community outside of DPI to develop and implement a shared vision of integrated comprehensive delivery of services to young children and their families.
  • Develop and promote:
    • Assessment and instructional methods, which are developmentally appropriate so that each child benefits from an integrated curriculum that enhances each child's strengths and supports areas of need.
    • New models for Early Childhood programs that provide a framework for quality early childhood services for young children birth through age eight and their families.
    • New designs for Early Childhood facilities that will support quality early childhood services for young children birth through age eight and their families.
  • Engage communities in strategic planning to shift the community value and culture to prevention based systems that recognize the important role the whole community plays in establishing support to maintain stable families, healthy children.
  • Recreate systems to:
    • Establish a comprehensive system of personnel development and standards that educate, train, and support professionals in implementing quality programs for young children and their families.
    • Ensure that parents/families and parent groups/associations are partners throughout the educational process.


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