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jill underly

Dr. Jill Underly

State Superintendent

(608) 266-8687

john johnson

Dr. John Johnson

Deputy State Superintendent

(608) 267-3726

thomas mccarthy

Thomas McCarthy

Executive Director of the Office of the State Superintendent

(608) 266-2630

latoya holiday

Latoya Holiday

Special Assistant

(608) 266-8009

ben jones

Ben Jones

Chief Legal Counsel

(608) 266-9332

denise kohout

Denise Kohout

Human Resources Director

(608) 266-0282


erin fath

Erin Fath

Policy, Budget and Research Team Director

(608) 266-2804


Abigail Swetz

Communications Director

(608) 224-6164


Division Administrators

duy nguyen

Duy Nguyen

Assistant State Superintendent
Division for Academic Excellence

(608) 266-1647

keona jones

Keona S. Jones

Assistant State Superintendent
Division for Student and School Success

(608) 266-5450

tessa michaelson schmidt

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt

Assistant State Superintendent
Division for Libraries and Technology

(608) 267-5077

tricia collins

Tricia Collins

Assistant State Superintendent
Division for Finance and Management


paul manriquez

Paul Manriquez

Assistant State Superintendent
Division for Learning Support

(608) 266-2022
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