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Global Education Council

The purpose of the Global Education Council is to work across contexts to prepare all Wisconsin students with global competence for workforce- and world-readiness. We, in Wisconsin are part of an interconnected and interdependent world. Educating in this context, requires curricula and learning experiences that prepare learners with the knowledge, skills, perspectives, and experiences they need for success in our linguistically, culturally, and other ways diverse local and global communities. Members of the Global Education Council learn from one another as they identify priorities and opportunities for global learning in Wisconsin.

The Council advises the State Superintendent and develops policy suggestions in areas in which the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction can play a direct role in promoting global competencies among Wisconsin students and educators.

Council Mission:

To bring together K-16 education, business, community and government leaders to improve systems of support and pathways for global learning in Wisconsin.

To generate awareness of the critical role global education plays in college, career, and community readiness for all Wisconsin students. 

The Statewide Global Education Council will:

  • identify and advance global education goals among key stakeholders, including:
    • K-12 teachers and administrators
    • Business and community leaders
    • Public and private college, university, and technical colleges leaders
    • Professional organization liaisons
    • Parents and other community members
  • facilitate global education pathways between all levels of K-16 instruction
  • promote internationally-focused professional development opportunities for administrators and teachers
  • Recognize programs and professional practice


The Council identifies opportunities for partnerships between schools and school districts with businesses, community organizations, legislators and other policymakers, and other constituencies to promote and implement K-16 global education strategies. Representatives of partnering groups may be invited to serve on the Council.

Contact: Pamela Delfosse, Global Education Consultant, Telephone: (608) 267-9265; Fax: (608) 266-1965