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Global Education Council

To be successful, Wisconsin's citizens need to be globally literate, to understand the linkage of economies, peoples, and cultures around the world, and to function comfortably and effectively in languages and cultures other than their own. This is not a luxury, but a critical component of a 21st century education. International education is not a discrete subject, but a mindset. It is not confined to a particular discipline, but instead is an approach to education across the curriculum. Therefore, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction convenes this Statewide Global Education Council.


To bring together K-16 education, business, and community leaders to create alliances to develop global literacies in a new generation of students, teachers, and citizens.

To promote understanding of the critical role international education plays in preparing Wisconsin students for careers in the global economy and as engaged citizens in a complex and interconnected world.

The Statewide Global Education Council will:

  • identify and advance global education goals among key stakeholders, including:
  • K-12 teachers and administrators
  • Private and public sector leaders
  • Two-year and four-year post-secondary institutions
  • Professional organization representatives
  • Parents and other community members
  • facilitate global education pathways between all levels of K-16 instruction
  • promote internationally-focused professional development opportunities for educators
  • identify and recognize individual and programmatic best practices

The Council advises the State Superintendent and develops policy suggestions in areas in which the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction can play a direct role in promoting global competencies among Wisconsin students and educators.


The Council identifies opportunities for partnerships between schools and school districts with businesses, community organizations, legislators and other policymakers, and other constituencies to promote and implement K-16 international education strategies. Representatives of partnering groups may be invited to serve on the Council.

Contact: Pamela Delfosse, Global Education Consultant, Telephone: (608) 267-9265; Fax: (608) 266-1965