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Strategic Plan Background

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What is the Strategic Plan?

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is engaged in the creation of a five-year strategic plan. The Strategic Plan aims to align the work of the agency and the needs of all learners in our schools and libraries. Our strategic planning process features three phases culminating in a strategic plan in Fall of 2024. The development of the strategic plan will require inclusive opportunities to engage, listen and co-create.

Why Do We Need a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan will help the department fulfill its state education agency responsibilities by providing transparent communication of priorities, focusing efforts on shared initiatives, and efficiently using resources. The DPI Strategic Plan will benefit Wisconsin learners from 2023-2028.

Components of the Strategic Plan?

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Strategic Plan Phases

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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has designed the Strategic Planning process in three phases beginning in March 2023 and ending in August 2024.

Learn more about the three phase process.

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