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Teens in Class

Engagement Overview

To develop an equitable and effective strategic plan, we must hear from as many people as possible. Our engagement plan offers a proactive approach to meet people where they are and to encourage engagement. Click on the each engagement method opportunity below to participate, we want to hear from you!


Methods Icons


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  • This survey is designed to gather perspectives from all people in Wisconsin to help shape the priorities of DPI.
Engagement Sessions

Click here to sign up to learn more and attend a scheduled community engagement sessions. 

  • In-person community engagement sessions.
  • Sessions will take place at various locations in Wisconsin.
  • Facilitated conversations to gather additional perspectives.

More information coming soon!

  • Meetings with specific community groups.
  • Facilitated conversations around specific topics.
Community Events
DPI Strategic Planning Community Engagement Events will take place in person around the state in November 2023, December 2023 and January 2024. We plan to hold an event in each CESA and will start our events in the northern portion of the state and then move to the southern half of the state. You can also attend one of our virtual events. Click here to sign up to learn more and attend a scheduled community engagement sessions.
Other future community events might include:
  • Conferences
  • Local events
  • Public schools and libraries

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