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Coaching Chronicles

Coaching and Leadership for Systems Change

Retrieved from the RtI center webpage Whether you are new to coaching or you already feel comfortable with your art, professional learning is...

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Written by Joseph Kanke I am circling back this quarter to the self-assessment and how you can use the results to guide your individualized learning...

Student Centered Coaching: Medford

Written by Joseph Kanke in collaboration with Dawn Brandner-Heier, Carla Brost and Amy Wildberg Each quarter this newsletter will highlight a...

Summer Reading List

What Are You Reading This Summer? Below is a list of suggested reads from Coach Steven Mijajlovic. This article does not endorse one method or...

Coaching Connections

The articles may reference specific programs and models, but this does not denote an endorsement from myself or the state. Rather, by sharing the...

Coaching Systems Development Worksheet

Coaching Systems Development Worksheet By: Rachel Fregien and Joseph Kanke The data is clear that coaching is key to providing educators and teams...

Waukesha Culture of Coaching

Article by Joseph Kanke in collaboration with Courtney Konieczka and Chris Polowy Components: 2.a. 2.b. 3.a. 3.b. 5.a. 6.b. 6.c. Each quarter this...
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Wisconsin Instructional Coaching Collaborative

Meets Coaching Competencies #1a #1c #6a Written by Joseph Kanke in collaboration with Barb Novak The DPI Coaching webpage was established to...
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Coach Capacity-Building Opportunities

Meets Coaching Competencies: #1a, #2a, #2b, #3a, #3b, #3c Check out these other opportunities to develop your coaching art! CESA 10 will be hosting...
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A Visit with Superior's Coaching Crew

Meets Coaching Competencies: #1a #1b #5a #6b #6c Written by: Joseph Kanke with Crystal Hintzman This quarter I had the opportunity to travel up to...