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Professional Development Opportunities for Coaches


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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the 2024-25 School Year

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This five part professional learning experience is centered on the coaching behaviors defined in Wisconsin’s Coaching Competency Practice Profile. Participants can expect to learn, reflect, and practice skills centered around relationship development, communication, coaching conversations, change facilitation, reflection and equity mindset. Coaches will also consider the power of coaching teams and systems.

Session Objectives:

  • Session 1: Relationship Development & Coach Leader Partnerships: The morning of day one will explore building the importance of the coach/principal relationship as well as systems of coaching support. Principal/Leadership attendance for the morning of day one is strongly encouraged. In this session, you will know and understand the significance of creating trusting and respectful relationships so that you can create the conditions to coach around shifting behaviors, mindsets, values and beliefs.
  • Session 2: The Coaching Conversation & Communication Skills: In this session, you will know and understand effective communication skills so that you can positively affect client outcomes and; You will know and understand how to facilitate cyclical coaching conversations so that you can support clients to positively impact equitable outcomes for each and every learner.
  • Session 3: Facilitating Change: In this session, you will know and understand that there is a spectrum of ways people experience and respond to change so that you can meet individuals where they are and facilitate a process to identify beliefs and assumptions they may hold which could get in the way of possibilities.
  • Session 4: Knowledge Base Development & Reflective Practice: In this session, you will know and understand a wide range of coaching approaches so that you can be responsive to the situational needs of all clients and; You will know and understand how to engage in continuous self-improvement through professional learning and feedback so you can positively impact your coaching practice.
  • Session 5: Coaching Teams & Systems: In this session you will know and understand various team stages and dynamics and the importance of embedding coaching within the infrastructure of the system so that you can support sustainable, transformational change that positively impacts outcomes for each and every learner. 

ADDED BONUS of a Community of Coaching

In addition to the 5 learning sessions, you are invited to participate in facilitated coaching spaces where you can engage with a coaching partner to coach each other around how you’ve implemented and plan to continue implementing the coaching competencies. These ninety minute optional spaces will occur each month from February-May.

  • February: Relationship Development - Are you still experiencing barriers to building relationships? What strategies are important for maintaining relationships? What experience have you had with repairing a breach of trust?
  • March: Coaching Conversation Facilitation and Communication - What are some moves you have made to promote reflection, challenge assumptions, and dig for details and depth? What challenges have you encountered in structuring coaching conversations? What about communication outside of coaching conversations that could benefit from further discussion
  • April: Change Facilitation - What experience do you have leveraging productive conflict? How has you experience been with resistance? What strategies or questions have you used to bring clients into their sphere of control? What about coaching for change has felt heavy?
  • May: Knowledge Base Development and Reflective Practice - What are some intentional moves you’ve made to find and engage in professional development? What progress towards your individual coaching goal can you celebrate? What may be some opportunities for growth over the summer and upcoming year?

megaphone iconHear from past participants: 

  • "I appreciate the structure and resources for us to prepare for our new group of coaching clients and that it is a homework assignment to hold accountability to being prepared for this work."
  • "So much great information! I feel confident applying the different ideas when working with a team and also applying these to support individuals in a team."
  • "I loved the practicing writing a question from directive, facilitative, to transformational depending on role. This is a great way to analyze the questions I am using....I could maybe take my top five questions and chart if they were directive, facilitative, or transformational. Loved the time to practice and the demo of the problem of practice."

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These interactive modules help break down each competency through stories and examples from real life coaching situations - written by your Wisconsin coaching friends and colleagues.

Within each module, you’ll be guided by “CC”, a virtual coach. CC will help orient you to the scenes you are about to watch, alert you to look for evidence of core competencies as they show up in the stories, highlight best practices, prompt you to reflect, ask questions and journal while you learn.

If you’ve already taken the Coach Self Assessment, you might have a good idea of where you want to start. If you’re wondering where to start, the self-assessment is a great place! The self-assessment gives you time to dig into the document as a whole, and will help guide you in developing personal coaching goals to inform professional learning and coaching needs. It will also give you an idea of where to start in the modules.

As you navigate through the modules, you will have access to several resources. The first is the coach’s kit - The kit holds many valuable tools and resources that align to the learning in each of the modules. Sometimes, CC, the virtual coach, will nudge you to take a look in the kit at specific times, or, just browse on your own any time you want. All the resources in the Coach’s Kit are yours for the taking! You can copy and save them for later review and use.

There’s also the virtual journal. Throughout the module, CC will ask you to pause, reflect, journal or grab resources from the Coach’s Kit to put in your own personal journal. This virtual journal is downloadable and intended for you to build and grow with you as you learn.

The modules are all connected, but they aren’t linear, so you can jump in wherever feels right for you. Once in the modules, you’ll have options for what kind of coaching you want to see.