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Coaching Connections

Coaching Connections

Coaching across the agency:

Coaching With an Equity Lens is a document jointly crafted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and its partners from the Wisconsin RtI Center/PBIS Network and The Disproportionality Technical Assistance Network (the Network) and is intended to push thinking about the specific role of coaching and leadership in advancing equity for all of Wisconsin’s students.

Equity Mindset Cards - A Coaching Tool: Coaches who are looking for inroads to dig for details and depth, challenge assumptions and dismantle the status quo will appreciate this new tool. The Equity Mindset Cards are designed to keep equity at the center of every conversation. Set aside some time to review the cards and make a plan to infuse them into your coaching practice.

The Wisconsin Center for Resilient Schools (WCRS) is a resource-rich hub for school teams and leaders seeking to initiate or sustain meaningful change efforts through systems coaching. WCRS collaborates with district and school teams to strengthen student and adult resilience through equitable, comprehensive school-based mental health and trauma sensitive social emotional learning in order to promote academic success for every student.

The Wisconsin Instructional Coaching Collaborative aims to engage instructional coaches throughout Wisconsin in deepening their coaching practice and content knowledge - specifically literacy and mathematics content knowledge. 

See what the agency says about an instructional coach's role in School & Instructional Leadership.
PEFA e-course - Instructional Coaches

The Wisconsin RtI Center's Leadership and Coaching training focuses on the essential elements of high quality instruction, balanced assessment, collaboration, and culturally responsive practices, all within a multi-level system of support for students.

Learn more about coaching support for enhancing sensory, social and emotional, and self-regulation skills in students with IEPs.
ES3 Grant Information

Learn more about coaching support for implementing inclusive learning environments.
Research to Practice Inclusive Communities Grant Information

Learn more about empowering students in the digital age across the curriculum. The Future Ready Instructional Coaching for Digital Age Students model supports the implementation of the Wisconsin Information and Technology Literacy Standards.
WI Future Ready Instructional Coaching

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