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Coaching Stems for Your Back Pocket

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Written by Rachel Fregien, Education Consultant for Coaching Supports

Have you ever been shoulder to shoulder with a client, deeply engaged in a productive coaching conversation and then BAM! They hit you with a tough one. You stumble, you stutter… How should you proceed? What is the best next question to move them to action and one step closer to their goal? Well! Do we have a resource for you!

Check out this coaching resource - titled, “Coaching Stems by Component”. In this document there are a series of potential coaching stems connected to each of the components of the Coaching Competency Practice Profile. This list is far from exhaustive, and coaching is an art which happens in the moment, but it may act as a starting point. It may be just the tool to help you past your next coaching hurdle. Tuck it away in your "back pocket".