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What Are Coaching Outcomes?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is currently engaged in a statewide pilot study related to the creation of a coach evaluation. As with the purpose of the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness (EE) System for evaluating teachers and principals, as well as the Wisconsin-created evaluations for other professional staff roles, the WI Evaluation of Educational Coaches is designed and intended as a performance-based continuous improvement system. The Coach Evaluation Processes and Rubric are intended to provide meaningful and relevant feedback for the coach that supports guided, individualized, self-determined professional growth and development.

Throughout the pilot process, we have received feedback that Coach SLO goal setting is not included in the processes. That is intentional. We want to ensure that the guidance and process included in the evaluation of coaches can accurately reflect the measurement of and guide improvement of outcomes that coaches have direct impact on within their diverse roles and context.

So - WE NEED YOUR HELP (and that of all your coach colleagues and professional learning networks)! We ask that you do 2 things:

Take 5-15 minutes to complete this Outcomes Survey for WI Coach Evaluation and tell us about your local context by Monday, March 30, 2020 and share this survey with your colleagues.

Complete the Survey