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Paper Claims

An agency should only submit a paper claim when:

  • The agency needs to modify an existing claim that has already been “paid” or “processed”.
  • The agency is blocked from submitting online claims by DPI and needs to submit a claim to meet the 60 calendar day cut-off deadline.
  • The claim deadline lands on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday. Please plan ahead to avoid paper claim submissions.

To submit a paper claim, email the original or modified as an attachment to

Remember to submit a paper claim for each program in which your agency participates.

Agencies should allow ample time prior to the 60 calendar day cut-off deadlines to submit a claim should there be unforeseen technical issues. A late claim cannot be paid with federal funds unless the DPI grants a one-time exception. Only one exception may be granted separately for School Meal Programs, Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and Summer Food Service Program once every 36 months.The Federal and State Grants Program of DPI must approve all exception corrective action plans.

Refer to the Claim Submission Deadlines webpage for more information.

For questions about this information, contact CNT (608) 267-9129