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Health Sciences Academy Video

Monday, May 19, 2014

La Crosse's remarkable Health Sciences Academy is the subject of a new DPI video. The academy's 50 high school students spend half of every school day at real-world medical facilities and college campuses. Teachers of science, health occupations, and English are involved in the multidisciplinary program. Job-shadowing is also a huge component.

"You get to find out which areas of the health care field you don't like, and which areas you really like," explains a La Crosse student named Uliana in the video.

thumbnail from video: students working with microscopes; State Supt. Tony Evers observing with a smile


Other footage shows or touches on students who are confidently engaged in nursing, physical therapy, research, service, and public speaking.

The program is a partnership between the local school district, University of Wisconsin campus, technical college, two hospitals, and others in the community.

"It's really impressive," State Superintendent Tony Evers says at the end of the video, which was captured during his visit to the academy earlier this year. The Health Sciences Academy "makes opportunities for kids, and how wonderful is that," he told the participants.