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Lifetime Licensure Updates

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Governor’s 2017-19 state budget put forth new requirements for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction regarding educator licensing. The DPI licensing website continues to provide the most current information as these changes are enacted. The most recent updates as of July 2018 are described below.

The conversion to lifetime licenses for those with a valid professional or master teacher, administrator, or pupil services license is complete. Educators can access and print a copy of their lifetime license through ELO by following the directions on the licensing website.

For new educators, administrators, and pupil services professionals and those with a valid initial educator license, DPI will issue a provisional educator license. Upon completion of six successful semesters of experience, those with provisional licenses can apply for the lifetime license. Experience in the licensed category that was earned within the five years immediately preceding the start date of the lifetime license, and verified by the employing Wisconsin public school district counts toward the six semesters.

Educators must continue to complete a background check every five years. DPI is currently working to create the process for educators to complete a background check and will notify educators with instructions on how to complete it.

Be sure to follow the Department of Public Instruction licensing website for the most current licensing news. The licensing website will be updated through the summer months to reflect licensing changes and for ease of use.