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Purple Up! April is the Month of the Military Child

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Purple Up logoApril has been celebrated as the Month of the Military Child since 1986. Wisconsin joins individuals, schools, and organizations across the country in recognizing the contributions and challenges of the children of military families. There are over two million children who have one or two parents serving in the military across the nation.

Children of military members often experience frequent moves and numerous deployments by their parents during their K-12 educational years. Approximately 2 million military children have experienced a parental deployment since 9/11. Military families typically move three times more often than civilian families. Children of military members live with the special challenge and understanding that their parents are frequently required to perform in high-risk situations, often for lengthy periods of time, far from home.

This year, it has been essential for many Wisconsin military members to provide extensive support in response to the pandemic. These activities required members to face new and unique risks, as well as potential risks to their families. Wisconsin would not have been able to successfully meet the multiple, diverse challenges without the support of military members and their families.

Nearly 80% of military children attend public schools throughout the United States. Wisconsin has children of active duty, the National Guard, and Reserves military members in every community and every school district. Research demonstrates that children of military members are leaders and contributors in their schools and communities. Children of military members develop resilience and strength based on their experience.

Please “Purple Up! For Military Kids” in April to show support and thank military children. Purple indicates support for all branches of the military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Please help celebrate every day during Spirit Week - April 12-16 by posting your support on social media with hashtags #PurpleUpWI and #InThisTogether:

  • April 12 - Show your support for your favorite branch of the military

  • April 13 - Red, White, and Blue Day

  • April 14 - “Camo” Day

  • April 15 - Statewide Purple Up Day (wear Purple)

  • April 16 - RED, Remember Everyone Deployed Day (wear RED)

In 2009, Wisconsin became part of the Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Children. Shelley Joan Weiss is the Wisconsin State Commissioner who chairs the Wisconsin State Council and works with the National Commission. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is committed to ensuring that children of military families are afforded opportunities for educational success.

Thanks to the organizations that support the children and families of military members and provide important information:

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - Educational Opportunities for Military Children

Wisconsin National Guard Child and Youth Program

Wisconsin National Guard Family Readiness Program

Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3)

Military Child Education Coalition

National Military Family Association

Military One Source

Department of Defense Education Activity

Military Impacted Schools Association

Military Benefits Month of the Military Child

Activities for Purple Up Celebrations

Purple Up Poster

Subscriber Submission: Wisconsin State Commissioner for the Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Children, Shelley Joan Weiss