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Education news: success stories from Wisconsin schools, DPI updates, student opportunities, and more.
Flower made up of people

Extra Credit: Professional Development For the Summer

Welcome to Extra Credit, our newest ConnectEd recurring feature! In each issue, we’ll spotlight training resources to help you stay centered in your...
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How Project-Based Learning Energizes Students and Educators in One District

This is the fifth article in a series of articles on Innovation presented by the DPI’s Teaching and Learning Team. Read Previous Innovation Series...
Juneteenth flag which is purple and red with a star in the center

Great Juneteenth Resources for Your Classroom

"On Juneteenth, we remember the date the last enslaved Americans received the news of their freedom. We must teach our children the lessons from our...
Progress Pride Flag

What Pride Can Mean

The Pride flag, flanked by the flag of the state of Wisconsin and the United States flag. (DPI) Pride-- it means self-respect, self-esteem,...
Dr. Jill Underly

On the Go With State Superintendent Dr. Underly

May was abuzz across the state of Wisconsin, and the bees weren't the only ones frenzied with activity. State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly was...
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Bulletin Board 6/4/2024

Welcome to the ConnectEd Bulletin Board! This is the place to find opportunities for further professional development, grant and awards...
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Educator Wellness: How Do We Move Beyond Self-Care

In collaboration with Lisa Stein, Education Consultant, Student Services, Prevention and Wellness Team. I just need to get to June and then I can...
Dark blue tree trunk that appears to be a human form with arms outstretched, supporting green, blue, and teal leaves

DPI Program Aimed at Retaining Special Educators Celebrates Successful First Year

258 New Educators Complete Special Educator Induction Program A program launched last year by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction aimed...
Dr. Jill Underly, Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Education

Supporting Kids’ Mental Health Is Within Our Grasp

An editorial by State Superintendent Dr. Jill Underly during Mental Health Awareness Month When people ask me what a major barrier is facing...
Five-petaled flower where each petal is a different shade of green, blue, or purple

Five Educators Selected 2025 Wisconsin Teachers of the Year

2025 Wisconsin Teachers of the Year: (From top left to bottom right): Ana Báez, bilingual counselor at South Division High School (Milwaukee Public...