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Teaching Current Issues with Trusted Resources

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I'm often asked about resources for current issues.  I look for resources from quality, trusted partners and emphasize the use of primary sources in the classroom.  Tags are used to help sort items; you can filter by each tag by using the tool below.  

For more information on using primary sources in social studies, take a look at the Social Studies Disciplinary Literacy page.  

Title Tag
Loving v. Virginia (50th anniversary) Civil Rights
Syria and ISIS/Islamic State ISIS, Civil War, Terrorism
U.S. Entry into World War I (100th anniversary) World War I
Anniversaries of the Civil Rights Movement Civil Rights, African-American History
2016 Presidential Election and Post-Election Civics, Election, Electoral College, President
Mother Emanuel Shooting and Confederate Flag Issue Civics, History, Civil Rights, African-American History, Racism, Equity
March from Selma (50th Anniversary) Civil Rights, African-American History, Martin Luther King Jr.
Freedom Summer (50th Anniversary) Civil Rights, African-American History
Tiananmen Square (25th Anniversary) China, Democracy
Brown v. Board of Education (1954) (60th Anniversary) Civil Rights, African-American History, Supreme Court
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech (50th Anniversary) Civil Rights, African-American History, Martin Luther King Jr.
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